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Country Youth Exchangee Sex Age App SMART√ INTERESTS District District Host
@ Placed Placed Family
Camp In By  
AUSTRIA Patrick Höller M 20 link   Hiking, Dancing, Skiing, Volleyball, Swimming C1 C1 Ruffi
BELGIUM Elodie Schifflers F 19 link * Music, Sport, Traveling      
BELGIUM Thibault Coppens M 20     football, tennis, history, music x x CANCELED
DENMARK Daniel Nicolai Kristensen M 19 link   Soccer and fitness C1 C1 Ruffi
GERMANY Elisabeth Haase F 17 link   Swimming, Cooking, C1 C1 Klapperich
GERMANY Greta Louisa Niehaus F 19     traveling, Culture, Sports, Music x x CANCELED
GERMANY Selma Grein F 17 link   Volleyball, Piano, Singing, Drawing D1 D1 August / Hove
GREECE  Stylianos Kamilalis M 20 link   basketball, history, politics, economics A1 A1 Jernigan
GREENLAND Hannah Najaaja Olsen F 19 link   Cross Country Skiing, culture, outdoor, family, friends and sports. C1 C1 Jensen
HUNGARY Réka Takács F 19 link   reading, drawing, painting, snowboarding, acting D1 D1 Schachter
INDONESIA Viony Supandy F 18 link * singing, traveling C1 C1 Klapperich
ITALY Letizia Cimichella F 17 link   ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS, SCOUTING C1 C1 Obrantz
JAPAN Tono Maruta F 20 link   listening to music, watching muvies      
JAPAN Rinko Toyosu F 16 link   Ballet,Cooking B2 B2 Welles
JAPAN Moe Nakatsuka F 17 link   Movie,shopping,music      
JAPAN Katsurako Tsuji F 21 link   Travel      
MONGOLIA Ochirdulam Togookhuu F 17 link   draw sketch, songs, read a books, listen to music, dance, sings, sports C1 C1 Williams
MONGOLIA Khuslen Bayasgalan M 17 link   listen to new music, breakdance,  reading a books, drawing, dancing C1 C1 Ruffi
NETHERLANDS  Jasper  Breeuwsma  M 18 link    Field hockey, other sports & hanging out with friends C1 C1 Ruffi
POLAND Katarzyna Droździel F 20 link * Kitchen, traveling, sport      
POLAND Andrzej Podgrodzki M 16 link   Club music, Military, Skiing, Filmmaking      
SLOVAKIA Max Zatkalík M 18 link   Skiing, working out, hiking, swimming      
TAIWAN   Chen,Yu-Shan  "Sally"   Chen F 20 link   Movement,Watch movies,Painting C1 C1 Williams
zUSA         Legend P (Order of preference ie 1 2 3.)         R = RESERVED     F = Fulfilled   C = Canceled          
        District Status PREFERENCE LIST       
        A2 P - C German speaking Boy For Maiva Family      
        B2 R Japan Rinko Toyosu  Feb  15      
        C1 P Danish girl for Jensen      
        C1 R Ruffi Family - Daniel from Denmark until FEB 5      
        C2 F-R Klapperich Family - Viony from Indonesia until FEB 5      
        C1 P-F German girl Haase for Klapperich family