MD27 Not Placed List 

Please click REFRESH button for latest update.   8 youths remain to be placed as of  2/23/2018 6:39:27 AM
Country Youth Exchangee Sex Age App SMART√ INTERESTS
BELGIUM Elodie Schifflers F 19 link * Music, Sport, Traveling
GREECE  Stylianos Kamilalis M 20 link   basketball, history, politics, economics
JAPAN Tono Maruta F 20 link   listening to music, watching muvies
JAPAN Moe Nakatsuka F 17 link   Movie,shopping,music
JAPAN Katsurako Tsuji F 21 link   Travel
POLAND Katarzyna Droździel F 20 link * Kitchen, traveling, sport
POLAND Andrzej Podgrodzki M 16 link   Club music, Military, Skiing, Filmmaking
SLOVAKIA Max Zatkalík M 18 link   Skiing, working out, hiking, swimming
          * indicates youth has 1 or more special conditions. Refer to Application.